2017, Varna, Bulgaria, Airport

We are living and creating in a very insecure and dynamic world, a world that hesitates between destruction and happy ending. Only our faith and our educated consciousness can give us support and salvation when the time comes.


Destructive forces of nature followed us through the ages. We need reliable protection. When the seismic wave rocks the ground, when a meteorite raises a giant tsunami in the sea, we need healthy, strong and reliable support against the storm. We need a ship, to carry us through disasters, to become a symbol of salvation, dependability, security. The concept of our project is to create a very simple but secure form, in contrast to the destruction and chaos in the world around us.


Our team tried to conform to the given requirements as strictly as possible. The team’s main effort was to achieve maximum flexibility and a variety of functions in the building. We manage this by moving the rooms by the back side of the building so we leave large open spaces for the main activities. So all the main rooms are in fast and direct connection to the foyer.

The main level (+6.00) is situated above the terrain like a nose ship. It can be reached by a long ramp, just as entering the hold of a big vessel. We find ourselves in the great open space of the foyer, under a giant meteorite (planetarium) dangerously rushing to reach the Earth. The second main level (+11.00) is opened to the main foyer and the meteorite. At this level we situated the simulation rooms. Their chaotic placement reminds of escaping the natural disaster and gives the feeling of being part in the rescue operation of city affected by the disaster. The terrain level (±0.00) consists of outdoor parking for 180 cars and 4 busses. The whole landscape is treated with wavy mounds that create the illusion for troubled sea or powerful seismic wave spread after a collision with the ground.


Istanbul stands right on the fault between two continental plates. People and builders for years fought battles with natural disasters. Built with great faith and ability the city has survived to this day. The focus of our team was to create a modern building, a true mega structure, a machine of the 21st century with a clear composition that organizes space. This building creates not only numeral possibilities for exploitation but also a lovely environment.