2018, New Center of Borovets, Bulgaria

The terrain falls in the absolute center of Borovets. It is very interesting to combine the urban revival and the preserved dense pine forest. The desire of our team was to preserve both the very valuable features of this location.



Our proposal involves lifting a narrow wedge from the existing terrain so as to get an impressive approach from the north to a new square area between the pines to meet the tourists coming from Sofia, at the same time with a smooth transition from the south to allow the terrain imperceptibly to drag on the new volume. We believe that, with a minimal touch of the existing pine forest, we get a veritable green mountain slope facing south towards the slopes. The vegetative layer of one meter allows planting of grass, shrubs, small trees, and the restoration of part of the pine forest has been removed. The approaches are organized from the north, to the new square and south along the Beckerle house.

The whole contact area on the ground floor of the building is occupied by shops, sports goods, souvenirs and crafts so as to form an active trading zone, from the east to the Samokov hotel and the Rila Hotel. This would create a sense of genuine traditional Renaissance charshia. On the ground floor from the west is the dining area, with tables in the open air. The revival is enhanced by pavilions for crafts and outdoor art, as well as a small chapel set between the trees. To the west of Breza hotel, without the pine trees being damaged, we have a smaller wedge with restaurant and bed base of six studios. Between the two pins, through the pine forest, there is a seasonally shared path for bikes, skis or just for a walk.


On the first level the basic entrance to the building is implemented. We fall into an imposing common space that crawls cascaded in height. It features a hypermarket, public service facilities, bank branches, an internet point and a wifi area. There are also all the shops in the charshia. On the second level there are mass catering facilities, as well as an information center and exhibition spaces interwoven with recreational areas. Here is where the approach to the multifunctional hall is located. On the third level is the second important entrance to the building from the south. There are commercial sites along with sites for public service and recreation. On the fourth level there are areas for culture, art and education. These include lecture spaces, workshops, children’s playgrounds and games. There is a small library and a media library as part of a youth cultural center. On the fifth level the plane of the green roof rises to open a very pleasant recreational space of the main restaurant facing south to the green roof and the mountain slopes. The green slope is alive with a lot of activities. Here, during the different seasons, strolling tourists can watch movies at the open-air cinema or enjoy an ice cold drink. On the first basement there is a disco and a piano bar On the second basement there is an underground parking, a transformer station, installations and the floor of the multifunctional hall.


We believe that minimal interference is the key to successful treatment of the Borovets center. We believe that using a very laconic and simplified architectural image is the right solution for this situation. We would like our building to be a natural continuation of the snow-covered mountain slopes that peeled through the trunks of the trees.