Creates a dynamic and enlivened architectural image, an “action building”, that advertises the products and experience of WALLTOPIA.



Our design of the Collider Activity Center in Sofia presents an original contemporary sports center, based on extensive sociological and psychological research and the newest architectural trends in similar buildings for recreation and sports.

The form of the building developed from the crossing between the dynamic elongated axis of the climbing facilities and the transverse accentuated element that views all the active interior spaces of the building. This is what we call the “magic of the wall”.

We create an interesting space open to a green garden and the park, which acts as a focal point to all the levels of the climbing center. It provides good communication and natural orientation among all the activity areas and fosters the desired interaction between the people and the varied functions. A grand staircase, easily perceived in the interior and a panoramic elevator connect the levels and give access to all recreational areas. This visible vertical communication further enriches the spatial perception and enlivens the building as a whole.

The building is situated in the west part of the plot, so that its volume acts as a natural barrier to protect the green park space from the noise. The main façade attraction is the climbing wall that is partially enclosed in the interior by an inclined curtain wall near the entrance. In this manner, climbing becomes an active element, a type of on-going show that attracts new customers and exposes it to people who have never been interested in climbing before. This wall creates a very original landmark in the area, easily recognizable from a distance.

The design also deals with the green park zone. Through the glass awning over the green garden, the interior space extends into the park, enriching it with activities. The strict coordinate system of the boulders in the park interacts dynamically with the free-form swimming pools, beach volleyball and alleys. They create a landmark ensemble that when lit at night makes an even greater impression. Next to the pool, we placed a wall for climbing above the water surface. All above-ground parking spaces are placed on grass covered by grass reinforcement mesh that protects against the weight of the cars.